Export Google Chrome/Chromium Passwords - Import In Firefox

Instructions for Linux (only):
Download ChromeCSV for Linux (there is a Windows version). Set as executable (permissions), exit Chromium/Chrome, run terminal:
$ chromium --password-store=basic
(Google Chrome: $ google-chrome --password-store=basic)

Give time to sync, exit Chromium, run terminal in ChromeCSV folder:
$ ./chromecsv ~/.config/chromium/
(Google Chrome: $ ./chromecsv ~/.config/google-chrome/)

ChromeCSV will export file passwords.csv to same folder it is.

Open CSV file in text editor, add first line:
# Generated by Password Exporter; Export format 1.0.4; Encrypted: false

Next, make sure CSV headers are something like this (quotation marks included):
Any other headers expendable. Save CSV file. (My file is in UTF8 BOM)

Run Firefox, install addon 'Password Exporter'
Next, go to Preferences > Security>  Import/Export Passwords

Click 'Import Passwords' and select CSV file. Click Open. It will import passwords, skip duplicates.


HEVC x265 H265 Very Slow Decoding / Player (SOLVED)

Noticed VLC is having a hard time with some (all) HEVC 10bit 1080p videos on a low end laptop. So (according to a lot of know-it-all internet forum experts), best thing to do is to update VLC to latest version (translation: move to a beta release). Still, VLC HEVC x265 playback is very choppy and the output grey screen is very very annoying.

I tried many Linux video players and none could produce a decent output. Tried many codecs and settings inside VLC (disabled hardware acceleration, VDPAU, VAAPI, increased buffering, disabled deinterlacing, deblocking filters, overlays...). All a complete waste of time (yet sort of educational).

Kodi screenshot

But right now I have a new best friend! His name is KODI. A multi platform, free, open source, award-winning, media player, entertainment hub formerly known as XBMC, and also the answer to all my problems. This state of the art player is doing a very fine job where VLC usually fails. I can watch full 1080p 10bit 7.1 video with subtitles in a low cost (a.k.a.: extremely cheap) dual core, Intel Celeron 4GB bargain laptop, while surfing with Chromium (7+ tabs) and downloading multiple torrents (Deluge), all with flawless playback (I'm talking Linux here). Just install  and disable any hardware acceleration. I have never been happier. You might want to give KODI a try and put an end to your suffering.